Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 5 - Day 6 - Fighting with my body

My joints all seem to be aching. My knees, elbows and shoulders. I'm not giving into it.
I went to spin and then follwed up with pump. Only 825 calories burnt so when I got home I decided to run around the racecourse. This was a disaster. Everytime I started to run my stupid problem of needing to go to the toilet happened. I was actually talking to my self out loud and cursing my body. I ended up walking and trying to run and then walking again. At least I burnt off another 200 calories so I managed a 1000 calorie Super Saturday. I'm over my body giving up on me. I just want to be able to run. I'm not giving up but it is so frustrating. I've had a really good week of eating. I got a surprise email from Mish which has really made my day. She said she has been tracking my stats and sees that I've been averaging 1 kilo + loss each week and that it puts me in the top 10%. I'm so wrapt. I'm not doing this to compete with anyone else but it is nice to get recognition for my efforts by someone I totally admire.


  1. Hugs! You are doing fantastic to still be going at the exercise at the level you are! My total weekly exercise burn is about what you managed in one day!

  2. you are doing a marvelous job. i read all these comments on twitter and these blogs about so much exercise that is being done and i am really just making excuses. so i am going to start water aerobics and indoor netball this week

    good job
    proud of you