Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 3 - Day 7 - Body image

I think I have issues with body image. I went shopping yersterday for a dress for my wedding. I tried on about 6 and didn't like any due to my body. They were either too tight, made my bum look big, made my waist seem huge and on and on and on. My children liked a couple of them and said they looked great and I usually trust them but I just couldn't see it this time. I don't think my body is hideous but that is how I felt in these dresses. So the outcome.......... I didn't get a dress.
The good part was that I was well prepared with food and felt fantastic about this.
I didn't get to do Super Saturday yesterday so I sort of made up for it today. I ran on the tready for 16 1/2 minutes without stopping then did a pump class with much heavier weights than I usually do. The result was 660 calories gone. Not quite Super Saturday standard but I was happy with that.
I have spent the evening getting prepared for this week. I've made lunch for the next couple of days and got part of tomoorow evenings meal done.
Looking forward to Week 4

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  1. sorry to hear you couldnt get your dress but there is no point in buying one just for the sake of it you have to feel comfortable in it.

    As for the preperation on all accounts of food well done to you

    have a great week