Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 3 - day 3 - Not afraid of the scales

Why am I so scared to weigh in each week??? I've done the hard work & eaten so well. The guilty side of me kicks in. I shouldn't have eaten that tiny bit of bbq chicken or I didn't do heavy weights at pump.
Anyway, I had another loss. 1.4kg to be exact & I'm so stoked. I had really done the hard work so that is reward.
I forgot my lunch today but I managed to improvise & won't go over my calories.
My youngest joined me this morning for a run and we play tennis tonight together. I love all this family togetherness.
My nearly 18 year old son bought a car last night so it is all happening in my house.


  1. hey linda,
    When i use to do weightwatchers and i use to count points i definetly had the guilty bug for everything.

    I am finding that with the the 12WBT i have the mind set that this is for life.......and we have to make sure we dont get caught up in the whole DIET thing, which is the guilt thing too.....and i have seen so many times on the forums that its a mind game. so dont let the mind game take over and if you have that small bit of something that you shouldnt have do 10 mins more in exercise.

    you are doing a great job though so keep up the good work

  2. I always feel guilty and terrified as well - even if I know I've done all the right things!!

    Well done though, thats a great loss!

  3. Thanks ladies, It is all mind games and sometimes we just have to step back from it all and look at it from another view. Thanks for your support