Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Feel like I'm missing out

I haven't signed up for round 1 2011 12WBT and I feel like I'm missing out. So many great people are doing it all over again. I just wanted to stand on my own 2 feet and use all Mish's lessons and wonderful advise to do it on my own. So far so good and my PT has put me onto a fabulous website called myfitnesspal which helps track calories etc. i love this website and use it all the time. I plan out my meals using mainly Mish's recipes but it gives me flexibility to start adding other foods in. Check it out at

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So so happy - It's all Mish's fault

I am still going to weigh in every Wednesday and I did this week and lost .2. Might not sound like much but with all the Xmas parties and going to Sydney it has been very hard to stay within the calories so to actual lose is awesome.
I've just joined up at my local Crossfit gym and plan to do 2 sessions a week there. So my fitness plan is:
Mon: Running or spin in am
Tues: Crossfit in am
Wed: Running in am Tennis pm
Thur: Crossfit in am Boxing pm
Fri: spin or pumpin am
Sat: Spin and pump - Super Saturday will remain.
I really want to try and fit in 3 running sessions a week but I'm not quite sure where to fit it in. I could possible do it in the evening one night but I aslo have to take into consideration my family and actually being home with them sometimes. Most of my am workouts are beofre my family are out of bed so they don't affect them at all. I play tennis with my daughters so that isn't an issue either. I doing boxing with my husband and 1 of my daughters so once again, no issue. My family are very supportive of my and my exercise program but I sometimes get the guilts if I'm not home enough.
That's me done for now. Hope everyone continues on their own personal journeys and keep up the great work!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A new start - All on my own

Well it is all over. The 12wbt has been an amazing journey of self discovery and learning to actually like the person I am. I've been successful in losing 12.6kg and numerous CM's too. I'm very proud of my efforts and my new fitness levels. It is now time for me to be accountable agin and to take the next step of continuing on my own. I've learnt so much from Mish and will be forever indebted to her. She has turned my life around and has actually given me life. I will love her forever. What an amazing and inspirational person she is. So I now have 4.6Kg to lose on my own and then the hard part of maintaining the loss. I know I can do it and I'm so detemined to never go back to old habits jsut because they are easier. I'm now a strong and detmined person who can achieve anything that I want to.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Week 12 - Day 5 - Nearly the end

I can't believe this is all nearly over. Well I mean the actual program not my new lifestyle. I have learnt so much and enjoyed every minute of it. I now hang out to go to the gym and I'm doing things I never thought possible. I now even train twice a day some days. A lot of people think I'm mad but I really don't care. I'm healthy and fit and happy so that is all that matters to me. I still want to lose another 4-5kg but that will happen with more hard work. I have been getting comments from all varying sources saying "You don't need to lose anymore weight." Most of these people are overweight and unhealthy. I think I embarrass them by losing weight when they aren't.
I've been to spin this morning and I've got boxing tonight before having an early night. I have a 6am flight to Sydney so I need to leave home about 2am Saturday. I'm going to be 1 extremely tired girl by the end of the weekend but it is all worth it. I'm going to get smashed by Michelle Bridges and I can't wait. I think I'm more excited about the training session than the party. I can't wait to see her in the flesh. OMG I think I'll be star struck and might just cry when I see her.
Look out Sydney, here I come!!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week 11 - Day 3 - All good plans

I had to take my son to Melbourne yesterday for an interview at Monash Uni for physio next year. Being an accelerator day, I thought I'd go prepared. I packed the lovely turkey salad and off we went. My great plan went out the window literally when we were about 3/4 of our way to Monash. My son gets really travel sick but had taken his meds but with the nervousness of the interview he felt extremely ill. The only container we had in the car was the container with my salad. So out it went just in case he needed the container to spew. All quite funny in the long run. Anyway, on the way home we stopped at one of the road side service stations and they actually sold a bowl of salad for $3.50 which was really yummy.
Today after a few weeks of being very stagnant on the scales, I dropped 1.6kg. I'm so happy as this makes my total loss 12kg but better still, I'm under 70kg. Woo Hoo

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 11 - Day 1 - Only 2 weeks to go

Only 2 weeks to go. That is so sad. I want to be a part of this program for ever but know that that is not an option. I'm not doing the next round. I feel that somewhere I have to stand on my own two feet and be accountable to me. Now is the time. I've learnt so much from Mish and will be forever thankful to her for giving me my life back and showing me how to do this. I love this new lifestyle and new me

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Week 10 - Day 5 - CNew Committments

OMG I've just committed to adding 3 Crossfit sessions a week to training schedule. It commences next Friday night
I've just registered for my first ever fun run. It's not until January and it's only 6k but I've never ever done anything like this before.
I'm scared. I'm excited.