Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So so happy - It's all Mish's fault

I am still going to weigh in every Wednesday and I did this week and lost .2. Might not sound like much but with all the Xmas parties and going to Sydney it has been very hard to stay within the calories so to actual lose is awesome.
I've just joined up at my local Crossfit gym and plan to do 2 sessions a week there. So my fitness plan is:
Mon: Running or spin in am
Tues: Crossfit in am
Wed: Running in am Tennis pm
Thur: Crossfit in am Boxing pm
Fri: spin or pumpin am
Sat: Spin and pump - Super Saturday will remain.
I really want to try and fit in 3 running sessions a week but I'm not quite sure where to fit it in. I could possible do it in the evening one night but I aslo have to take into consideration my family and actually being home with them sometimes. Most of my am workouts are beofre my family are out of bed so they don't affect them at all. I play tennis with my daughters so that isn't an issue either. I doing boxing with my husband and 1 of my daughters so once again, no issue. My family are very supportive of my and my exercise program but I sometimes get the guilts if I'm not home enough.
That's me done for now. Hope everyone continues on their own personal journeys and keep up the great work!

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