Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 2 - Day 4 - I got flowers

I arrived at work today and got presented with flowers from a work colleague. It's not my birthday so I was intrigued as to why.......... seems I've inspired her to start her own healthy eating program and she has started exercising for the first time in her life and even attempted running this morning. It is so lovely to receive flowers but it is even more wonderful to think the Mish and her program has such reaching effects.
My nealry 14 year old daughter informed this morning that she wants to come running with me in the mornings. This is just so lovely. She is a pretty active kid but it is nice to think she wants to be such a part of all this.
My nealry 18 year old son passed his hazard identification test today so he is nealy ready for the P's. Not sure if I am though.
I got slack for the first time this morning because I had planned to do my running program after taking my 16 year old daughter to the train but instead I came home and went back to bed for another hour. It was 5:30am. I do have an hour boxing session tonight so i din't feel too bad because it's not like I've completely missed training today.
Tonight after boxing my work is having a "Girls Night In". All the girls pay to meet together to watch chick flicks, eat and drink. I'll take my natural sparkling mineral water and some carrot sticks. haha It's all to raise money for cancer research.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 2 - Day 3 Full of beans

I woke up at 4:30 this morning wanting to go running. I had my alarm set for 6:30 so I rolled over for a few more hours before getting up and doing my second day of running. I've never before in my life looked forward to running as I was this morning. The part of exercise I've always dreaded and now I can't wait to do it. What the hell has gotten into me!
Before I took off running I jumped on the dreaded scales. Why do I hate weighing in so much......................I'd done all the hard work........... I hadn't missed a training session and I hadn't stuffed up the nutrition at all so I should see results but there is always that little person inside my head saying "You've probably put on" Well I proved that little person wrong. I lost 1.8Kg and I'm ecstatic.
I also went out at lunch time today and purchased my wedding ring. OMG I'm really getting married. Not that I doubted it for a second but holy shit.........this is for real
I love this day, I love this program, I love my life and I love my husband to be............... Now I'm being sentimental.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 2 - Day 2 A new trick learned

I listened very carefully to Mish the othe night and she suggested that a warm up on the tready before a workout would help. Well it does. I got up earlier this morning and hit the tready at the gym for 20 minutes before doing pump. Usually I only burn off about 300-350 cals in pump but this morning I bunred off nearly 500. It was so worth getting up a fraction earlier.
I've got a few sore spots today in places I"m not used to. My hips for one. I think this may come from the running (or attempt at running).
Getting nervous about weigh in in the morning. I should be okay because I've put in the hard work and been especially good with my eating but still, that little bit of doubt is there. I'm hoping for 1kg.
Looking forward to trying lentils tonight. This is certainly not my usual type of food but who says it won't be in the future. It had better taste good because I'm starving at the moment.
Running again in the morning after I weigh in.

Week 2 - Day 1 - I start to run

I started off the week in awesome style. I started my running program using C25K. I'm so scared about running becuase I have it in my head that I can't run. I have memories of sports day in Primary school when we all had to run a lap of the oval and I was the last one across the line. I'm going to beat this though so at 6:30am I headed off and did really well. I've got a long way to go but I've started.
I haven't been able to do all my planned execrise today. I usually do  group cross fit session on Monday nights but I've had a visit to the chiropractor after work and that has put a stop to any further exercise for today.
I'm so impressed with the food that I'm eating. It is getting better with each meal. I look forward to trying everything. Tomorrow night could be interesting with lentils etc. Not my usual type of food.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 7 - First week done

I can't believe the first week is over already. I have loved the whole week and just been buzzing. I've talked none stop about the program to anyone who will listen. I've also given everyone permission to just say "Obsessive" if that is what they think I've become. haha
I am so impressed with all the meals. I promised myself that I would try everything at least once even if it had something in it that I would normally turn my nose up at. The only thing I haven't really like was the pizza on Day 1. It was just bland and the spinach was just too soggy for me. Apart from that everything was delicious.
I'm really tired today but it has been a huge week and when I'm not exercising I've felt so energised that I've done crazy things like wash all my windows and clean out my Nan's garage. I did miss not having to exercise today which I must admit would have to be first for me.
Along with the tiredness has come some grumpiness too though. I'm not nice when I'm grumpy. It's mainly with my children but I think being school holidays probably doesn't help either.
Well I'm committed to starting c25k tomorrow morning. Running is the one thing that scares me. It is the one thing that I really suck at but it is also the one thing that I am determined to conquer. Lookout 6:00am

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 6 - Super Saturday

I'm so proud of my efforts today. I headed to the gym at 8:30 am and did a really hard spin class and then walked straight into pump after that. By the end of pump I had burned off 1048 calories. That is awesome if I do say so myself.
I was energised and buzzing when I got home so I helped the children wash the windows outside and then later helped my partner clean out my Nanny's garage. She is nearly 102 years old.
We had tipping competitions for the AFL grandfinal and when someone won, they were rewarded with a chocolate except me......... I rewarded myself with doing 10 push ups......... My children think I'm very strange.
I'm extremely tired and weary tonight but I know I've worked hard this week so all is good.
I'm loving this journey I'm on.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 5 - tired as

I seemed to have been awake most of the night. That's probably an exaggeration but that is how it feels. While I'm laying wide awake I'm planning in my head. I'm getting married in November and was trying to work out how I can still fit in my super Saturday on the I get married. How's that for being motivated!
Had boxing last night with my partner. I always leave the session satisfied that I've given it my all but still on such a high. Out of all the training sessions I do, boxing would have to be my favourite by a long shot. I also burned off 640 calories.
Had a PT session this morning with my girlfriend Shanon. Claire who takes us is just wonderful. She instills confidence into us whenever we doubt ourselves. I love training under her guidance.
I got invited out to lunch again today. With this friend we usually buy a salad roll and Pepsi Max but today I told him I was bringing my own. So along I trotted with my bottle of water and salad which I thought looked like weeds but ended up being absolutley delicious.
I'm so loving this journey

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 4 - all is good

I had my fisrt eating challenge today. I was invited out by a girlfriend for lunch. I did a bit of investigating and decided on quiche with salad. I think around the 400 cals. I have forgone my snacks for today just in case I've miscalculated the calories.
I had the most wonderful talk with my son last night. All is good with him. It is so lovely to have a really open and honest realtionship with my children. He is my biggest supporter during all this and constantly askes for updates on my eating adn exercise.
I've got boxing tonight. Yahoo. I love boxing. It energises me to the max. I walk out after an hour feeling completely wrecked but on the biggest high. It is so nice because it is a session  I do with my partner.
Really looking forward to the chicken meal tonight

Day 3 - Up and down

I've had a mixed bag of emotions today but have manged to stay on track. This is an accomplishment in its self.
I did the 1km time trial last night with my partner and was really brought back to earth. Most of the other fitness tests put me in the intermediate or even advanced group but then I did the dreaded run time trial. I managed a poor 8:38 which puts me in the beginner group. That's ok, I was only 38 seconds away from the intermediate group so it has given me a mini goal to reach.
The food over the last 2 days has been wonderful. I am a bit hungry but I can deal with that and I've not had any urge to run to the fridge or sneak a chocolate.
I'm playing tennis tonight so I had the morning off from the gym. I will have to find some time to do some core though.
I absolutley loved the live feed last night. I am so in awe of Mish that I sat there for the first few moments and had to fight back the tears. I'm not normally like this but she has touched me in a way that I never expected. I even announced to my partner that there is another woman in my life now. He thought that was hysterical.
My nealry 18 year old son got his UMAT results today. This is  an exam that is required if you have any intention of going into a medical/health related field at Uni. He didn't get the score he wanted which probably means he now can't do physio like he had his heart set on. He is devasted which makes me so sad. There are so many options out there for him but at the moment he can't see them. I've spent most of the afternoon on the internet researching different options for him. My nephew had his heart so set on being a pharmacist and didn't get into it and then within 12 months committed suicide. This really scares me and is always in the back of my mind. Like all mum's, I just want my kids to be happy and when they are hurting then I hurt too.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 2 - all is good

Well I finished off Day 1 with a group cross fit class and I worked out like a woman possessed. Even Scott our trainer asked what had got into me. It was as if I'd had 3 cans of Red Bull. (I actually hate the stuff)
I wasn't too fussed on the spinach and ricotta pizza. I think in future I will just chop up the spinach and put it on the pizza without blanching it first.
This morning I was up and at a pump class by 6:00am. We had a new Les Mill release so that was fun.
I've really enjoyed all the food today and looking forward to steak tonight. I've decided I'm going to stick to the nutrition plan as closely as I can and give everything a try even if it is something I've not particularly liked in the past.
My partner and I are going to the local oval after work so I can do my time trial. I was a bit scared when I first read that we had to run 1km. This is probably the one area that really frightens me....... Running........ but break 1km down into 2 1/2 laps of the oval and really doesn't seem to be that bad. I really surpised myself with all the other fitness tests. I had in my head that I would automatically be in the beginner group but all of my tests put me in either the Intermediate or Advanced group. The run time trial will decide for which group I should start off with.
I haven't felt this energised for a very long time

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 1 - Here I go

Spin class - tick
Breakfast eaten - tick
Snacks prepared - tick
Lunch prepared - Tick
I'm on my way. I met up with Sarah who is also doing 12wbt. So good to have someone close by who will be going through the same stuff. Just to share ideas, feelings, eating etc.
We went to spin class together which is a really good way to start the week.
I'm very excited about what lays ahead because I don't just see this as a 12 week thing but more like setting myself up for the rest of my life. It's about changing the bad bits, working on the good bits and introducing the fabulous bits.

The Journey begins

Wow the pre tasks have been a head spin. I feel like I've ridden the emotional roller coaster. Some days have been awesome and other days quite sad. I'm so glad that Mish has designed her program this way.
I've learned along the way that my repetitive behaviour with eating and binge eating stems from me trying to be like my older sister and always wanting her approval. I love my sister and when we were growing up she seemed to me to be perfect. Everything she ever did or attempted seemed to work. If she enetered a running race, she would win. If she auditioned for the school musical, she would be the lead. I just seemed to never be able to reach her perfect status so half the time I either gave up or simply didn't attempt it. Somehow I think I'm still trying to be her instead of being myself. This realisation has been quite painful and a few tears have been shed. I will share this insight with her one day. When I'm ready.