Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 4 - all is good

I had my fisrt eating challenge today. I was invited out by a girlfriend for lunch. I did a bit of investigating and decided on quiche with salad. I think around the 400 cals. I have forgone my snacks for today just in case I've miscalculated the calories.
I had the most wonderful talk with my son last night. All is good with him. It is so lovely to have a really open and honest realtionship with my children. He is my biggest supporter during all this and constantly askes for updates on my eating adn exercise.
I've got boxing tonight. Yahoo. I love boxing. It energises me to the max. I walk out after an hour feeling completely wrecked but on the biggest high. It is so nice because it is a session  I do with my partner.
Really looking forward to the chicken meal tonight

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