Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 2 - Day 2 A new trick learned

I listened very carefully to Mish the othe night and she suggested that a warm up on the tready before a workout would help. Well it does. I got up earlier this morning and hit the tready at the gym for 20 minutes before doing pump. Usually I only burn off about 300-350 cals in pump but this morning I bunred off nearly 500. It was so worth getting up a fraction earlier.
I've got a few sore spots today in places I"m not used to. My hips for one. I think this may come from the running (or attempt at running).
Getting nervous about weigh in in the morning. I should be okay because I've put in the hard work and been especially good with my eating but still, that little bit of doubt is there. I'm hoping for 1kg.
Looking forward to trying lentils tonight. This is certainly not my usual type of food but who says it won't be in the future. It had better taste good because I'm starving at the moment.
Running again in the morning after I weigh in.

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  1. way to go. i enjoyed the spag bog. it was yummy