Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 3 - Up and down

I've had a mixed bag of emotions today but have manged to stay on track. This is an accomplishment in its self.
I did the 1km time trial last night with my partner and was really brought back to earth. Most of the other fitness tests put me in the intermediate or even advanced group but then I did the dreaded run time trial. I managed a poor 8:38 which puts me in the beginner group. That's ok, I was only 38 seconds away from the intermediate group so it has given me a mini goal to reach.
The food over the last 2 days has been wonderful. I am a bit hungry but I can deal with that and I've not had any urge to run to the fridge or sneak a chocolate.
I'm playing tennis tonight so I had the morning off from the gym. I will have to find some time to do some core though.
I absolutley loved the live feed last night. I am so in awe of Mish that I sat there for the first few moments and had to fight back the tears. I'm not normally like this but she has touched me in a way that I never expected. I even announced to my partner that there is another woman in my life now. He thought that was hysterical.
My nealry 18 year old son got his UMAT results today. This is  an exam that is required if you have any intention of going into a medical/health related field at Uni. He didn't get the score he wanted which probably means he now can't do physio like he had his heart set on. He is devasted which makes me so sad. There are so many options out there for him but at the moment he can't see them. I've spent most of the afternoon on the internet researching different options for him. My nephew had his heart so set on being a pharmacist and didn't get into it and then within 12 months committed suicide. This really scares me and is always in the back of my mind. Like all mum's, I just want my kids to be happy and when they are hurting then I hurt too.

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