Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 5 - tired as

I seemed to have been awake most of the night. That's probably an exaggeration but that is how it feels. While I'm laying wide awake I'm planning in my head. I'm getting married in November and was trying to work out how I can still fit in my super Saturday on the I get married. How's that for being motivated!
Had boxing last night with my partner. I always leave the session satisfied that I've given it my all but still on such a high. Out of all the training sessions I do, boxing would have to be my favourite by a long shot. I also burned off 640 calories.
Had a PT session this morning with my girlfriend Shanon. Claire who takes us is just wonderful. She instills confidence into us whenever we doubt ourselves. I love training under her guidance.
I got invited out to lunch again today. With this friend we usually buy a salad roll and Pepsi Max but today I told him I was bringing my own. So along I trotted with my bottle of water and salad which I thought looked like weeds but ended up being absolutley delicious.
I'm so loving this journey


  1. Hey Linda. First of all congratulations on your upcoming wedding - how exciting! Great timing for the 12wbt. Though I think you will be forgiven for not having a Super Saturday on the morning of the wedding. Perhaps you can burn up all your calories on the Sunday - lol.

    Hope you have a smashing week. Will pop in to check how you went next week. :)

  2. Hehe.. wear a hrm on your wedding night! You should burn enough calories to warrent calling it a super saturday! lol

    congratulations btw! Lovely time of year to get married as well!

  3. That's the second upcoming wedding I've now heard of in Round 3 circles! Congrats! I must confess I was thinking along the same lines as Jenifer! LOL. And you can call it a treat day!

    Your training sessions sound great.

  4. You guys crack me up but what a fabulous way to burn off some extra calories!