Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 2 - Day 4 - I got flowers

I arrived at work today and got presented with flowers from a work colleague. It's not my birthday so I was intrigued as to why.......... seems I've inspired her to start her own healthy eating program and she has started exercising for the first time in her life and even attempted running this morning. It is so lovely to receive flowers but it is even more wonderful to think the Mish and her program has such reaching effects.
My nealry 14 year old daughter informed this morning that she wants to come running with me in the mornings. This is just so lovely. She is a pretty active kid but it is nice to think she wants to be such a part of all this.
My nealry 18 year old son passed his hazard identification test today so he is nealy ready for the P's. Not sure if I am though.
I got slack for the first time this morning because I had planned to do my running program after taking my 16 year old daughter to the train but instead I came home and went back to bed for another hour. It was 5:30am. I do have an hour boxing session tonight so i din't feel too bad because it's not like I've completely missed training today.
Tonight after boxing my work is having a "Girls Night In". All the girls pay to meet together to watch chick flicks, eat and drink. I'll take my natural sparkling mineral water and some carrot sticks. haha It's all to raise money for cancer research.


  1. How cool that your/our 'addiction' is catching!- but your enthusiasm is indeed contagious! I don't seem to be inspiring my teenagers yet... but I did inspire someone to sign up as well during preseason!

  2. That would have been nice to receive flowers, especially for inspiring someone to make changes to their life for the better.
    My 14 year also said to me today when she got home from brisbane she would like to go for jog in the morning. Its amazing how good habits rub off.
    She has never run before but will give it a go.
    Dont stress about the running cause you did you boxing so all good


  3. Wow, that's awesome! I love spreading the love, and the health vibe!