Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 2 - all is good

Well I finished off Day 1 with a group cross fit class and I worked out like a woman possessed. Even Scott our trainer asked what had got into me. It was as if I'd had 3 cans of Red Bull. (I actually hate the stuff)
I wasn't too fussed on the spinach and ricotta pizza. I think in future I will just chop up the spinach and put it on the pizza without blanching it first.
This morning I was up and at a pump class by 6:00am. We had a new Les Mill release so that was fun.
I've really enjoyed all the food today and looking forward to steak tonight. I've decided I'm going to stick to the nutrition plan as closely as I can and give everything a try even if it is something I've not particularly liked in the past.
My partner and I are going to the local oval after work so I can do my time trial. I was a bit scared when I first read that we had to run 1km. This is probably the one area that really frightens me....... Running........ but break 1km down into 2 1/2 laps of the oval and really doesn't seem to be that bad. I really surpised myself with all the other fitness tests. I had in my head that I would automatically be in the beginner group but all of my tests put me in either the Intermediate or Advanced group. The run time trial will decide for which group I should start off with.
I haven't felt this energised for a very long time

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  1. Yey! What a great day! the fitness test has certainly been a bit of a challenge - I was fine wiht the running but the sit-up test was scary!