Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 7 - First week done

I can't believe the first week is over already. I have loved the whole week and just been buzzing. I've talked none stop about the program to anyone who will listen. I've also given everyone permission to just say "Obsessive" if that is what they think I've become. haha
I am so impressed with all the meals. I promised myself that I would try everything at least once even if it had something in it that I would normally turn my nose up at. The only thing I haven't really like was the pizza on Day 1. It was just bland and the spinach was just too soggy for me. Apart from that everything was delicious.
I'm really tired today but it has been a huge week and when I'm not exercising I've felt so energised that I've done crazy things like wash all my windows and clean out my Nan's garage. I did miss not having to exercise today which I must admit would have to be first for me.
Along with the tiredness has come some grumpiness too though. I'm not nice when I'm grumpy. It's mainly with my children but I think being school holidays probably doesn't help either.
Well I'm committed to starting c25k tomorrow morning. Running is the one thing that scares me. It is the one thing that I really suck at but it is also the one thing that I am determined to conquer. Lookout 6:00am

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  1. Hey Linda!

    Good luck with your C25K Run/walk this morning! Hope it went well. : ) I've got to do mine today too!! Determination is definitely key - it overrides everything else.
    I completely relate to the "obsessive" part but it sure does work!!! ;)
    Have a great second week as well!