Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week 4 - Day 4 - It's my birthday and I'll run if I want to

What a way to start the day..........  a 30 minute run/walk................. such a beautiful morning.
I'm 45 years old today and loving life. I've celebrated at morning tea, lunch with a girlfriend and family dinner tonight and I've managed to stay under my 1200 calories. It was close but with wise decision and a bit of planning it is actually possible to do it.
I'm off to boxing tonight. I'm not even prepared to give that up just because it's my birthday. I love it too much anyway.
Off to Melbourne tomorrow and going on the Tramcar restaurant for dinner. This will blow the calories as it is a 5 course set menu with unlimited alcohol. I'm going to try and eat wisely and not panic about the calories. I can try and burn them off with thte rest of the weekend and my mini milestone of walking along our coast line for 15kms. Mainly on soft sand so that will be a killer


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA! Hope you really enjoyed your dinner! We all deserve treats like that every now and then.

    Good luck with the 15km walk. There's a group of us doing a 12km walk at Kiama but up on the cliffs! Should be interesting.. and beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday! You're amazing!

  3. A little belated but I wanted to say "Happy Birthday!"