Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week 5 - Day 4 - Breast cancer week

How ironic that every year they have breast cancer awareness week in October and this is the week that my mother died from cancer. It coincides every year. She initially started with breast cancer and then had an ongoing 4 year battle until she died from lung cancer. She was only 46 years of age and I had just turned 14 years old. This was 31 years ago. I kind of think that if she had of been alive today with all the improvements in treatments that perhaps she would have survived.
She was an amazing woman. 4 days before she died I turned 14 and she organised a birthday party for me with 10 friends. She did everything for her family. She was also very community orientated and involved in Girl Guides, meals on wheels, local theatre group etc.
So what have I learned about her and me and cancer and why she died? I believe that things happen in life for a reason and sometimes that is hard to find the reason. I do know that because she lived the life she did and instilled such great values into her children that I am a better person for being her daughter. I am a strong person and live for my children. I believe that if she fought so hard to stay here that I can honour that by being the best person I can be and to pass this on to my children.
Afte she died, I lived at home with my Dad. My 2 older sisters had left home already. I became my dad's escort to many functions. He is also very community minded and involved in groups and committees. I probably went to many community events and dinners that not many teenage girls would attend. This has opened many doors for me in later life as it taught me how to act appropriately and I met some very influentual people. I grew up very quickly.
I have also learned not to take life for granted. It is a gift to us all and we need to use it the max. So I have my 2 yearly mammogram done, pap smear and all the rest. I'm the chairperson for our local Realy for Life which is such a great event and cause.
So this is probably one of the main reasons I'm doing 12wbt. I want to be healthy and fit and a role model for my 3 kids. This may seem morbid.......... I do believe one day I will get cancer in some way shape or form. So I need to be the fitest and healthiest I can possibly be to fight this terrible disease.
I love my Mum to the moon and back and think of her every single day.
So if you are reading this blog, please do me the biggest favour................. Please think about all the wonderful things your mum has done for you and probably is still doing for you and then give her the biggest hug and tell her you love her to the moon and back.

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