Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 4 - Day 2 - Down day

I am feeling completely flat and extremely tired today. I went to the gym this morning and ran on the tready but instead of just running I walked too as I was just not right. I then went to pump but only did lighter weights. It's not that I;m not motivated it is just that my body is telling me it's tired today.
I also just feel flat emotionally. I'm not my usual bubbly self but don't seem able to break out of this. I think an early night could be on the cards.
The other strange thing that is happening today is I keep wanting all the bad foods. This is really the first time I've wanted food other than what I've organised for the day. I walked past a take takeaway shop at lunch time and was practically drooling at the smells. I actually wasn't hungry as I'd not long eaten but i still really wanted to go in and eat. I kept walking so that was a good thing.
I hope this down mood passes really quickly. Maybe after weigh in tomorrow I'll feel differently.

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