Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 3 - Day 4 - Running = Poo

WARNING WARNING WARNING - Read at your own peril............ Bodily functions discussed
I hate how when I'm running I feel like I need to go to the lou for No.2's. It is shitting me off.......literally.
I don't have the urge before I start running but once I get into it I feel like I have to go. What is that all about! It is not much fun trying to run when you feel like your going to lose control. It is stressing me because I don't know if it is normal or if it is just my body not coping with running. It is so not going to beat me........ I am going to conquer this running thing but it is bloody annoying and making it very hard.
I've just completed 2 weeks of my running program and had a sneak peek at next weeks and this scare the hell out of me. The negative talks starts in my head because the time to run has increased so much more than I expected. I have to stop this negative stuff but it is really hard when I've been scared of running most of my life. I am determined though and I will conquer this fear. Nothing like staring it straight in the face.
The other crap thing that is going on is that I'm just sooooooooo busy at the moment. Everything seems to be happening at once. My son is about to turn 18 and finish year 12, I'm about to get married, my parents are relying on me to help sell my Nan's house, I've got Relay for life stuff happening and full time work. I just feel like I can't stretch any further. I actually apologised to my partner last night for being so busy. I just feel a bit over whelmed at the moment. This is not like me so I don't know how to deal with it. I'm not budging on Michelle's program as this has my priority because I want this so badly.
I think I'm just having a bad day and tomorrow the sun will come up and I'll be okay again.
I did my running progam this morning beofre everyone got up and I have boxing tonight with my partner which always helps relieve the tensions. I punch them out. haha.
I booked my flights and motel for Sydney today. Look out I'm going to train with Mish. Woohoo


  1. Sometimes I get that feeling too when we leave early to go riding. Can't help with any advice...
    I'm exhausted just reading about everything you have to do... I guess you just have to plan it all out... But again, I'm not much good for advice on how to do that.
    You're going great guns with the running. The boxing sounds great!

  2. *hugs*

    Wow. Most people would fall over if they had only 1 of those major things happening in their life at one time, and you are dealing with many of them. You are amazing!

    In regards to running and the #2's issue - I can't really help you there as I haven't yet started to run, but I saw on the forums that there are many people who started off with this problem and as they continued running it disapated. Hope that happens for you. My problem is the need to do #1's every time I jump. I blame it on my children - darn weak pelvic floor - lol.

    Glad you are going to keep up with it. Hope life settles down a little for you.

  3. hey you are doing an amazing job juggling all these things, i too use to juggle so many things in my life and luckily enough my husband is in a good job where i was able to quit my job and concentrate on spending time with him, being a house wife (love it) and spending time on me getting fit and healthy cause hubby says when i am happy he is happy awwwww i love him lots.
    Not sure about #2's maybe you should google it.

    I would suggest though with your hectic lifestyle is that you make sure you plan plan plan. and also it is very important that you have some down time for just you to be able to relax.