Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 4 - Day 6 - no training

WOW is all I can say about my night away with my husband to be. We stayed at the Crown Metropol, had dinner on the Tramcar Restaurant and breakfast at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant. I tried to eat as sensibily as I could but I drank way too much. It was such a fun night that I didn't want to spoil it by thinking about calories and I figure if I only do it every now and again it won't be too bad. I weighed myself before I went to Melbourne and I'll weigh myself in the morning and then assess the damage. The tramcar was 5 courses. I had pate and capsicum dip, Kangaroo fillets, Macadamian crusted chicken, cheese platter and Chocolate dome mousse with lots of champagne, red wine and tia maria.
I travelled home from Melbourne today so I couldn't do my mini milestone but I plan on doing it tomorrow. I was going to do a 15 km walk along the beach front but the weather is so bad here and the sea is very rough and high so that is out of the question. My partner has offered to drive me out the road for 15km and make me walk home. I think that's a great plan.

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