Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 8 - Day 2 - I cheated a bit

I decided to do an accelerater day today instead of waiting for next week. I've had no carbs today and I'm starving. I am so panicy about weigh in tomorrow that I thought this might help. Time will tell.
We did and awesome group PT last night. My personal total was as follows. 75 Wall balls with 8kg ball, 105 Burpees (I hate them so much), 126 Chin ups (with assistance), 144 push ups and 240 squats. My poor legs today feel a tad sore.
I'm off to try out a new gym tonight. It is straight crossfit and our work group are looking to do a session a week. We'll see what they have to offer us.
I just got the menu for my wedding. It is all finger foods and looks simply divine. 4 more sleeps

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