Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 10 - Day 2 - I'm stuggling

When I set my goals I didn't even take my wedding into consideration. My weight loss goals had nothing to do with my wedding. Well that was what I thought and told myself but perhaps I've been kiding myself.
Since getting married I'v really struggled with the eating and exercise. All that good work of setting up a routine and forming new habits just went out the window. It makes me think that deep down I really was trying to lose weight for the wedding. I don't know. All I do know is that I I've been eating all the left overs and wedding cake and drinking all the left over alcohol. Not being at work has added to the problem as I'm totally out of wack with my usual routine. I've got to pull this all back and gain the control. The only good part is that I've managed to somehow stay the same weight. I really want to lose more weight so staying the same just isn't an option for me.
I came back to work last Thursday and have so far this week been on track both with eating and exercise. I've just reset all my goals and I think this will also help. I got to my 3 month goals at week 9 and hadn't done anything about re evaluating. Now I have some clear goals again.
Hopefully this week will see a small loss on the scales and that will be enough to get me motivated to continue

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